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Big nerd writing about the intersection between technology & fashion. Spanish/Cuban turned New Yorker. Founder & Editor at Dashion:

No, it’s not the salary.

Source: Fernando Hernandez via Unsplash

After graduating college (COVID class of 2020!), I quickly moved to New York City and began working full-time in software engineering. Choosing a post-graduate job was not an easy decision for me, and I was quick to consult my peers, mentors and, of course, mom, for advice.

When considering your…

Taking a data-backed analysis at the return of Fashion Month.

Source: Duane Mendes via Unsplash

Nearly two years ago, when panic and germs spread rapidly worldwide, fashion weeks everywhere were met with a crisis. Several high-fashion brands took the utmost of safety precautions and ceased their in-person runway shows, instead turning towards digital formats, such as Saint Laurent’s cinematic short, and Loewe’s 24-hour livestream show.

A data-driven look at the world of haute couture.

Image source: Khaled Ghareeb via Unsplash

The most exclusive club in fashion—the world of haute couture—has seen its global membership decline a steep 99% in the last seventy years. That’s right: In the 1950s, at the peak of Christian Dior’s post-war, “New Look” popularity, there existed 20,000 couture consumers worldwide. Today, there are solely 200.


A data-backed approach at identifying micro-trends in fashion’s biggest runway collections.

Source: “The Little Book of Big Fashion Data: Edition II

As a self-proclaimed minimalist, analyzing high-fashion collections offers me the opportunity to identify what staple trends are consistent across runways, regardless of the designer.

For instance, the midi length dress has been alive and well for a couple of seasons now, most recently seen in 71% of McQueen’s, 38% of…

An analysis of how much more your wallet is going to hurt this season, and why.

Source: Angèle Kamp via Unsplash

It’s mid-2021. Despite the past year’s economic downfall, consumer spending is increasing by twice as much as projected. Luxury brands are soaring past revenue expectations — up by as much as 40% compared to pre-pandemic levels. Giants Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior are seeing double-digit organic revenue growth. …

I built a model to detect color trends from runway collections. Here’s how it works.

Source: Malicki M Beser via Unsplash

For nearly two years now, I’ve been experimenting with image recognition models as a means of detecting and predicting fashion trends. The largest roadblock in this nerdy-yet-fashionable endeavor is training these AI models, to a high degree of accuracy, to detect a vast amount of items in photos.

Why so…

All the data you need to know about Kanye West’s first product for his Yeezy GAP collaboration.

Source: Joel Muniz via Unsplash.

Earlier this week, GAP launched the first product of its highly-anticipated, Kanye West-designed, ten-year “Yeezy GAP” collaboration. Let’s take a look at the numbers behind the launch, to determine just how successful it was—objectively.

The Product

The first Yeezy GAP product launched was a bright, light-blue, gender neutral puffer jacket lacking a…

Analyzing Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 collection and what it means for the future of fashion-tech.

Source: Highlight ID via Unsplash

Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 collection, “Balenciaga Clones”, has arrived, and it’s every bit as fashion-forward as it is tech-savvy. In fact, while designer Demna Gvasalia’s bathrobes, enormous-puffer jackets, and plastic-bag handbags acquired quite the buzz, perhaps the most boundary-pushing elements of the runway were its implementations of technology.

For example, you…

Analyzing the steady rise and success of Crocs.

Source: Bernard Hermant via Unsplash.

The shoes

Over the past twelve months, Google Search queries for shoes were dominated by versatile, big-name players, such as Alexander McQueen, Dior, and Nike Air Jordan sneakers. Also in high shoe-popularity were Lil Nas X’s “Satan” shoes which, despite offering fewer than seven hundred pairs, sparked millions of online search queries.

Analyzing the rise & implications of computer generated fashion models.

Source: @morningbrew via Unsplash

Now that the majority of New York Fashion Week’s runway shows have gone digital, designers are seeking to replicate the aura and grandeur of the fashion show outside of the catwalk’s limitations.

From Dior’s live-streamed presentations, to Louis Vuitton’s short films, to Loewe’s FedEx-shipped “Show in a Box”, high-fashion has…

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