The Biggest Fashion Trends of the Summer Might Surprise You

Here’s what data analytics has to say.

Madé Lapuerta
3 min readAug 30, 2022
Source: Mukuku Studio via Unsplash

Last month, I launched a website where I let visitors shop the best & biggest fashion trends of the season. To determine what was trending, I conducted an analysis of several high-fashion, Summer 2022 runway shows.

From shoes to accessories to outerwear, I displayed around ~20 items on my website. I hired a stylist to help me find where, online, visitors could shop and purchase each trend. The website’s purpose was simple: come to browse fashion trends and, if you see something you like, click to buy it.

Since the site’s launch in mid-July, around ~13,000 unique people paid a visit to my pride and joy, Now that summer is nearly over (marked by the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte today), I decided to take a look at the behaviors of my site visitors these past two months.

What did people click on? What did people not click on? And, by analyzing these clicks, can I draw a conclusion on what was truly trending this Summer of 2022?

Let’s take a look at the data.

The Outerwear

Of the top ten, most-clicked items on the site, two (20%) were for outerwear. A simple, staple black blazer received 6% of total clicks, and a cozy, button-down cardigan received 4% of clicks. As far as summer weather goes, the popularity of these trends certainly surprised me.

The Shoes

The most popular shoes offered on my site were a budget version of Valentino’s Tan-Go platform leather pumps: dramatically high-heels with an ankle strap clasp. These received 8% of total clicks.

The second most popular shoes offered on my site were a pair of white-and-grey, big, chunky running sneakers. These received 6% of total clicks. This is particularly interesting, considering less than one percent of looks from Summer 2022 runway collections I analyzed displayed sneakers. It seems like designers predicted this one incorrectly.

The least popular shoe? A pair of white leather boots, with only 3% of clicks. I guess these will have to wait until fall.

The Accessories

Crossbody bags were the most popular accessory, receiving 6% of total clicks, compared to I-thought-these-were-trendy basket bags, which received solely 2%.

Gold, chunky jewelry also made the top 10 trends, with 5% of total clicks.

The Most Popular Trend of the Season

The most popular item on my site received 17% of total clicks—over twice as many clicks as the second-most popular. It was a simple, white, linen button-down shirt. I’d like to think this piece is very versatile—worn unbuttoned over a swimsuit in the summer, and tucked under a wool crewneck in the colder months.

So, what do you think —did the data get it right?

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