Virgil Abloh’s Last Off-White Collection: By the Numbers

First launched in 2012 under the name ‘Pyrex Vision’, Virgil Abloh’s ‘Off-White’ quickly rose to worldwide recognition. How? Abloh’s anti-high-fashion, high-fashion approach: graphic-printed garments, $1000 sweatshirts, and buzz-worthy streetwear collaborations.

From interning at Fendi alongside Kanye West in 2009, to becoming West’s Creative Director in 2010, to showing ‘Off-White’ for the first time at Paris Fashion week in 2014, Abloh quickly became one of fashion’s biggest & brightest designers.

Interestingly, data tells us that perhaps Off-White’s biggest claim to fame happened in 2017, when the brand partnered with Nike to redesign 10 of its classic styles. It was then that Google Search interest for Off-White spiked by 374% — it’s largest generation of interest yet. In fact, the shoes were so popular that re-sale prices have been listed listed at a 400%+ markup.

In 2018, Abloh was named Creative Director of Louis Vuitton’s Menswear, making history as the first Black designer of any major, Paris high-fashion house. That year, Louis Vuitton’s (LVMH) sales increased 15%, compared to just 10% the year prior.

In 2021, Abloh’s latest collection for Off-White—Fall / Winter 2021—hit the Paris Fashion Week runway. Abloh passed away on November 28th of the same year.

After nearly a decade of unparalleled creative influence and presence in the high-fashion industry, Abloh will be more than missed.

So, as told by data analytics, here are the trends from his last collection for Off-White. From bold fabric statements, to workwear mixed with streetwear, to an abundance of hemlines, Abloh’s innovation and imagination is clear.

Where did all the logos go?

Although usually a logo-heavy brand, Off-White’s new collection let the clothing speak for itself, as the majority lacked Off-White’s name or signature, double-arrow logo.

The Micro-Fabrics

From shiny to matte leathers, to texture-rich accents, here are the (micro) fabric choices seen in <10% of Off-White’s looks this season.

So Many Hemlines

Following the opening look’s ultra-mini, strapless sheath dress, Off-White’s collection heavily skewed towards longer, full-length hemlines.

Majorly Monochrome

Off-White’s latest collection was dominated by monochromatic outfits, from light grays and blue hues to bright orange.

The Shoes

From black leather booties to metallic platform stilettos to open-toe heels laced up the leg, here are the shoes which walked down the Off-White runway.

Work Versus Play

This season, Off-White gravitated away from more casual designs, and instead towards impeccably tailored, matching suits and blazers.

*The data in this article was originally published in “The Little Book of Big Fashion Data: Edition III” (October 2021).

I’m a NYC-based software engineer, currently living & working in Paris. Read more of my stuff here, or check out my pride & joy, “The Little Book of Big Fashion Data”.




Big nerd writing about the intersection between technology & fashion. Spanish/Cuban turned New Yorker. Founder & Editor at Dashion:

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Madé Lapuerta

Madé Lapuerta

Big nerd writing about the intersection between technology & fashion. Spanish/Cuban turned New Yorker. Founder & Editor at Dashion:

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